Upper Valley Empty Bowls Festival Glazing Days

January 20-24

Glazing days for the 2023 Upper Valley Empty Bowls festival begin on Friday, January 20 through Tuesday January 24 in the Woodpecker Room at the Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort. All ages are welcome, no experience is necessary, and volunteers are on hand to offer advice. All proceeds go to the Community Cupboard food bank and a local art grant benefitting youth in Leavenworth. 


Upper Valley Empty Bowls Soup Supper March 23

The final event of the Upper Valley Empty Bowls Festival is the community soup supper in the Leavenworth Festhalle on Thursday, March 23. The soup supper brings over 700 members of the community together to collect their finished bowls and enjoy a simple meal with family and friends. Food for this event is donated by local restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores in our community.

Upcoming Events

Upper Valley Empty Bowls Mission:
Working together to end hunger, strengthen community and celebrate the arts.


Over 200 people gathered on May 19, 2022 to enjoy an outdoor Soup Supper in support of Upper Valley Empty Bowls and the Community Cupboard food bank. The Soup Supper marked the return to the much-loved UV Empty Bowls event, which has been on hold for the past two years. 

Through the online auction, soup supper and raffle, we raised over $11,000 to support the Community Cupboard food bank and UV Empty Bowls Art Grant! These are much-needed funds raised BY our community-FOR our community!  The UV Empty Bowls Festival donations typically fund more than 50 percent of the Community Cupboard’s annual food budget. This donation helps to stock its food shelves and provide food boxes to over 1000 local households annually. We can't do it without YOU! Thank you to all the volunteers, businesses and community members who supported UV Empty Bowls this unusual year.