Tim Lynch

Potter Tim Lynch grew up watching his granddad in Everett as he threw and fired pots.  He would explain what he was doing, and Tim filed this away in his brain.  A former musician, Tim took up pottery after graduating from Gonzaga Univ.  After moving from Everett to Wenatchee to teach high school, Tim continued to practice on the wheel.  Soon, he discovered a rich clay pit just outside of town and started using that clay for production.  It’s a long process from raw clay to throwable clay, but he continued this method for several years. 

Tim became involved with Empty Bowls in 1997 at the invitation of Jeff Hilton and Nancy Petersen who had begun the tradition the year before.  He continued throwing bowls for our Project another 12 years.  The fact that public painting days take place at Sleeping Lady is reminiscent for Tim.  Sleeping  Lady’s present site was the former CYO Camp Field campus where he was a counselor from 1968-1970. 

Tim continues to throw and sell his work to this day.  An accident in 2015 interrupted his ability to work with clay;  but he was able to return to his studio in 2018.  He moved to the West Hills neighborhood in Spokane in 2000 to increase his market reach and to learn new techniques.  You can find him here running his business The Clay Man Pottery, named in remembrance of his grandfather. 

Tim’s email: hifired@gmail.com