Terry Porlier

For those who know Terry, he is Mr. Wizard with ceramics and pottery. Terry is well versed in all aspects of clay. Graduating from the University of Washington as a Ceramic Engineer, he soon purchased his first business in 1971 in Kent, Washington. There he learned the ceramic industry from the decorative perspective and became a Certified Ceramic Art Instructor. One day his supplier asked Terry if he would buy his business because he was ready to retire. So Terry bought that business and became a major manufacturer and supplier of ceramic and pottery glazes and clays. And as they say, the rest is history!

Now, years later, Terry is throwing soup and artist bowls for Empty Bowls. He enjoys supplying handmade bisque bowls for people to come and paint. He doesn't really consider himself a potter per se but rather a multi-dimensional artist working with clay and numerous other venues. "Throwing a piece of clay, whether it be low fire, stoneware or porcelain, just provides a surface for me to paint and test glazes, etc. Porcelain is where my heart is."

Retired now, Terry is fully involved in his new adventure called Leavenworth Pottery LLC, where people come and "play with clay," whether it is throwing, hand building, painting bisque or just about anything they want to do with clay. They will also be able to see Terry working on his projects. He also works with architects and contractors on special projects.

Contact Information:
Terry Porlier - Leavenworth Pottery, LLC
PO BOX 295, Leavenworth WA 98826
(509) 548-0350 or (509) 548-2057
Email: tporlier@frontier.com