Scott Dillman

Scott wears two hats at his home, the Grunewald Guild. While he isn't maintaining the facility, he spends his time in the "pot shop." He was originally influenced by his ceramist aunt and sculptor grandmother as a child; and although Scott pursued music theory and composition in college, he later found himself taking classes in ceramics. Over 14 summers, Scott's grandmother took him to the Guild, where he volunteered and took art classes. Eventually, Scott accepted a full-time position there and was able to fully pursue ceramics, both as a potter and teacher.

Scott enjoys making functional and non-functional pieces, but appreciates the fact that he can express himself through either process. Scott is glad to be a part of Empty Bowls project, not only to have the oportunity to throw so many bowls, but to be a part of something that brings families together within the local community.

To learn more about Scott Dillman's classes, go to the Grunwald Guild website at or find Grunewald Guild Open Studio on Facebook for updates on Open Studio Nights.