Sara Peckham

Sara was a steadfast contributor for Empty Bowls from 1996-2013, throwing about 1,500 bowls through the years, and helping in many aspects early on until committees were formed. “I absolutely loved being a part of this worthwhile community fundraiser. Jeff and Nancy brought unique characteristics to Upper Valley Empty Bowls, such as having the community decorate bowls, and later, introducing auction bowls.”

Sara’s interest in ceramics began in high school with a pottery class. She continued taking pottery and art classes throughout college, graduating from PLU with a BFA in Art. For most of her adult life, Sara has had her hand in pottery and graphic design. As a hobby, Sara started making earrings with silver clay. Like potter's clay, silver clay is easy to work with and manipulate. It's made up of metal powder, water and an organic binder. When fired, the binder and water dissipate, leaving pure silver. The last step is to burnish and apply a patina.

Sara now resides in Arizona. “I hope to be always working with clay in some form. Beatrice Woods threw pots into her 100’s. That will be me!”