Sabrina Brakensiek

I've a minor in art (ceramics-being my specialty) combined with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science. Im truly inspired by mountains and their "natural components". I worked many years in the Natural Resources field, as well as ticket sales at the Leavenworth ski hill, was briefly a river rafting photographer, drove the horse and carriage in Leavenworth for a summer, was an extra in the movie Dante's Peak, before getting my teaching degree. I love being a substitute teacher for every grade-every subject.

I made bowls for empty bowls from it's inception and for many years afterwards. Often the bowls were transported 600 miles in their various stages during family visits where my Dad and I would create pottery together, some of my favorite memories. I love making pottery because it is meditation in action and the end result is a beautiful, useable piece of art. Also, I like that empty bowls involves the community to help in the creative arts, what a perfect union.