Mijanou Fortney

Serendipity. That is what happened when Mijanou Fortney moved to Leavenworth from Logan, Utah and volunteered at Tierra Garden Organics. She learned of the inactive pottery studio in the barn at Tierra. And the next thing she knew, she was back throwing pots for a living and teaching classes.

Mijanou learned her craft by taking classes in high school and at various colleges throughout the inter-mountain west. She enjoys making functional pieces and draws heavily from nature for ideas. Many of her pieces portray fish, which she came to love after a job spent snorkeling northern Califoria rivers. Mijanou sells her work at Sage Mountain Natural Foods, O'Grady's Pantry, Good Mood Food, and the Leavenworth Farmers' Market. She also does custom orders.

Mijanou enjoys potting as a communal activity. She offers scheduled classes for children and adults. She will teach a family by arrangement. She derives extra satisfaction from working with adults with developmental disabilities that attend a day program at Tierra. And she offers "open studio" nights where aspiring potters can work with minimal instruction.

Regarding Empty Bowls, she says she likes being part of such a large community event.

"I like the idea of Empty Bowls using art to raise awareness and raise funds," she says.

To contact Mijanou, call (509) 548-0566 or email mijanoufortney@yahoo.com