Hannah Pygott

Hi there, my name is Hannah Pygott and this is my fourth year as an Empty Bowls potter and artist. I am a Wenatchee Valley native, born and raised within it and all its peripherals. I grew up as a hands-on, independent who craved a good challenge as well as responsibility. I spent my adolescence riding and showing horses, being proactive in the community and escaping outside when at all possible.

I travel as often as I can, I have way too many hobbies and job where I get paid to be outside. I found solace in the ceramics studio in my early teens and never looked back. I enjoy how rewarding of a medium clay is; It forces you to work for every bit of the end-result. 

As an artist, I focus on creating individually unique, yet functional pieces. I look forward to discovering where ceramics takes me as an artist and an individual, as well as continuing to further develop my skills and knowledge as a potter within our artistic community.