Teri Zimmerman

The traditional classroom is not where I received an art education. My inherited
traits, the creative adults I grew around and my continued overactive curiosity and imagination have contributed most to where I am now as an artist. My training continues with each commission and the challenges they take me with new and exceptionally interesting places, both physically and mentally. Together with my   art and life partner, Steve Zimmerman we have completed a body of work for the past 35y years.  Our pieces are in private homes in the Pacific N.W., California, Alaska, Florida and the Southwest.  In addition we have installed Public art at the Sea„ Tac Airport, varies pieces across this country and as far away as Japan.
Recently completed Sand Carved Panels for Seattle Public Arts commission, Installed in Domestic Violence Courtroom in Seattle.  Presently my driving forces are the creatures of the Ocean and the need to help save them.
Art is basic to life itself.