Lori Aylesworth

Lori Aylesworth has been a student of nature and art since early childhood.
Being a native of rural Northwest Indiana, she grew up on a farm surrounded by lots of animals, woods and wide-open spaces.  Having attended Indiana University as a Fine Arts Major, she went on to further her artistic abilities by attending many art workshops provided by outstanding and successful artists.
In her travels upon leaving Indiana in the early 1980’s, a summer job with the US Forest Service landed her in Leavenworth, WA, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, and she felt a strong attraction to the area.  Lori draws enjoyment and inspiration from the mountains, rivers, and wildlife in this community.  She is a realist painter by nature and she endeavors to express her love of the natural world in her paintings.  She also derives extreme enjoyment in painting abstract art.  For her the beauty is often in the detail or the simplicity of the way light falls upon the subject, to just capture a moment in appreciation of what it is.
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