Erika Enloe

I graduated from the College of Figure it Out with an advanced degree in Snark, and have had an ongoing internship with Life.  I have extensive training in Life is Not Fair (something I am sharing with my kids), and a certificate from Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps.  When I am not doing art, I am doing everything else.  I have four children that will need a lot of therapy, a husband I don't recognize, 4 cats that I despise, a dog underfoot, and an ever-fluctuating number of chickens that lay no eggs.  Someday, I hope to retire to the island of I Said Leave Me Alone.  I hear there is an artist colony there.

All kidding aside . . .

I was exposed to art as a child by some pretty great public school teachers.  I was so lucky to have people around me that let me explore shape and color and texture, as well as paste and aluminum foil.  I was as likely to be found playing in the woods as I was to be exploring the beach.  I have always had the need to occupy the art side of my brain while doing all the scholastic things I have been tasked with.  I love to doodle.  At some point, not that long ago, I just started putting my doodles to work.  I have been enjoying combining my doodles with my interest in learning about ceramics.  It has been a great journey, and I am thrilled to be included among these other amazing artists, giving of their hearts and spirits to make Empty Bowls a success.