Cordelia Bradburn

Cordi Bradburn has spent a lifetime immersed in the world of visual arts.  In school she studied fashion illustration, but soon decided it was too restrictive creatively.  Bradburn started painting windows for rodeos, festivals and fairs.  Here she learned to draw feely in front of people.  This helped her later with teaching and demonstrating. 
Bradburn etched glass for 15 years and then began to sculpt, first in fired clay and then in bronze.  She learned to make life sized cast aluminum work from Richard Beyer.  While her son was in elementary school she volunteered as an art teacher in his school.  Based on her experience as a volunteer and her art experience, she was hired as the ‘Artist in the Schools’ for Art in the Park school program.  She worked in the three Cascade School District’s elementary schools for 23 years.  During this same period Bradburn facilitated multiple student murals and art shows.  She also ran a summer art day camp for children for 5 years in the Leavenworth Area.  Bradburn has traveled to other countries and given art lessons as well.  Three times in Guatemala, once in Venezuela and once in St. Vincent.
As a teaching artist Bradburn wrote: “My teaching goals are to instill a love of art in children and to increase their self confidence as artistic and creative beings.  The earlier we create successes, the more likely children will continue to grow in the arts.

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