Claire Seaman

Claire Seaman has been involved in the art community all of her life. Looking back at her childhood, she remembers constantly creating—from craft projects with her mom to opportunities to engage with local artists—she was always surrounded by art. Her participation in Empty Bowls this year is also a small piece of her senior project, for which she is using her artistic ability as both a form of community service and as a way to explore what she wants to pursue professionally
In 2012 Claire started her photography business, CSianna Documentation, and has developed her skill through shooting senior portraits and family photos. These, along with some work she is doing for Cornerstone Community Adult Family Home, are displayed in her portfolio and will be part of her senior project presentation.
Looking toward the future, Claire is planning a year-long adventure before starting university in the fall of 2016. In August she'll be leaving for a Rotary study abroad trip to Bolivia, where she'll be living with host families and studying Spanish. When she returns, she plans to study Environmental Science and Multimedia Journalism.
Her passion is to use art as a vehicle for social change. She sees communication as a powerful tool that make movement happen: as she says, “personal change is good... but the goal is to get other people on board—that's when real change can happen.” Claire has already begun exploring how to use art as a way to create awareness of social justice issues, and her studies in school will only enhance her ability to do so.