Chelsea Courtney

Hi, I'm Chelsea Courtney. I grew up just north of Leavenworth, in Stehekin, WA. I am the fifth generation of my family to live in the Cascades, and I consider Leavenworth, where I live now, and all of Central Washington, an extension of my home. 

This is my first year having the opportunity to be a part of Empty Bowls. I have always been interested, or more accurately, compelled, to make art. Although I enjoy math now, I often would doodle so prolifically on my math papers that the numbers were hard to find. I learned to watercolor paint in the Stehekin elementary school, and it's a skill I continue to learn, thanks to its dynamic properties. 

I was able to attend WSU for a degree in Architecture, and am fortunate to work in town as an architectural designer for Syndicate Smith. I've also been enjoying painting several labels for Icicle Brewing Company this last year. It's wonderful to live in a community that supports artistic endeavors, and truly fun to share something I enjoy so much with you.

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Instagram: chromophile_art